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Mental retardation is most frequently defined as a behavioral and intellectual disability that begins before age eighteen of an individual's life. This condition is benchmarked by a below-average intellectual level and function ability (generally an IQ below 70).  It is further defined by an individual's ability to function independently and demonstrate social responsibility below expected norms.

At StoneBridge Training Residence, we provide 24-hour supervision and care to disabled adults. We have a full-time RN to take care of medications and medical needs of the clients. The clients are encouraged to participate in activities according to their abilities and to continue learning new skills.

Staff assist in transporting clients to their day habilitation centers, jobs, appointments, church, meetings, shopping, and various activities.  The clients participate in activities that are of interest to them such as music, art, skateboarding, swimming, and Special Olympics.

A strong family atmosphere exists at StoneBridge and there is little turnover in clientele. The facility has adopted a nondiscriminatory employment and admission policy, with regard to race, color, national origin, religion, and gender. The staff is dedicated to providing excellent care and maintaining a safe, clean environment.

StoneBridge Mission Statement:
StoneBridge Training Residence provides a living environment and fosters the mental and intellectual growth of adults with intellectual disabilities, with the primary focus on quality of life.

Interested in having a loved one become one of our residents? Feel free to contact our Facility Administrator for more information.


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