NewBridge Wish List 


We accept most donations. Below you can find our 'Wish List' of items we currently need. At this time we cannot accept any clothes or stuffed animals, due to health and safety concerns. At ICD, we strive to operate with integrity and transparency to our community. For transparency and accounting purposes, we do not accept cash or gift cards. Checks, money orders, and online gifts are greatly appreciated!

Donors: As the funding climate changes and both private and public funding become more scarce, our capability to provide crucial programs within our community lessens.  We are grateful for the surrounding community which has proven itself generous of heart and spirit. Tax-deductible financial and material donations are gladly accepted. Thank-you for your continued support.

Laundry items:

•             All Mighty packs (any and all types of liquid detergents)

•             Bleach


Cleaning Products:

•             Cleaning Disinfectants

•             SOS (SOS PADS)

•             Fabuloso (Generic brand) Floor cleaners

•             Magic Erasers

•             Pine-Sol liquid cleaner

•             Air Fresheners and Disinfectant Sprays

•             Magic Erasers

•             Toilet Scrubber

•             Toilet Plungers

•             Paper Towels


Hygiene Products and Personal Items:

•             Deodorant

•             Wet Wipes

•             Shampoo

•             Conditioner

•             Lotion

•             Hand Sanitizer


Kitchen Products:

•             Garbage Bags- Heavy duty (13, 39, and 55 gallon)

•             Liquid dish soap (any brand)

•             Sippy cups for kids


Bedding and Bathroom:

•         Pillows

•         Bathroom Rugs

•         Toilet Paper



•         Women’s Undergarments (all sizes)

•         Children’s Undergarments (all sizes)

•         Size 5 Diapers

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